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Frightmaze On Fairchild is walkthrough home haunt attraction in Port St. John, Florida.  We took 2013 off to focus our efforts on other endeavors.  Plans our already in work for 2014 so we'll see you then.  Thanks to all those you stopped by on Halloween.

Visit our youtube page to see some of the work from our make-up artist at the Eastern Florida State College Melbourne Campus 2013 Zombie Run / Monster Bash.

As always were looking for some good Scare Actors and Make-up Assistants.  Please visit our volunteer page if your interested.

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Frightmaze on Fairchild contains special effects, dark places, strobe and other lighting effects, loud noises, gruesome makeup, unpleasant smells and disturbing images. Patrons are advised to make intelligent decisions regarding attendance for themselves and their families, however if you are pregnant, suffer from back or neck problems, heart conditions or seizure disorder, extra consideration is advised. This attraction is designed to scare, frighten, shock, startle, cause excessive perspiration, nervousness and panic. It is recommended that children under 12 be accompanied by an adult when  entering  the maze.

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